Camelthorn, Sweet thorn and Wild Ebony trees share the Southern Namibia veld with Gabba, Brosdoring and Swartstorm bushes amongst others. Some are food, some are medicinal, all play a role in our arid Namibia providing sustenance, shade and Beauty. At least 17 species of grass utilise the unpredictable and varied rain showers to best advantage, also adding colour and texture, contributing to the natural beauty.  Lithops, vygies, other Mesembranthynums as well as a veldbook guide full of specialised shrubs, aromatic bushes and delicate pretty flowers can be found in unexpected places.


Commonly known as stone plants, the rare Karasmontana lericheana,sub species of Karasmontana Lithops, endemic to the Karas Mountains, are found on several locations on the farm. Our experienced guide will spot and show the guests the plants and questions will be welcomed.

Sunrise Nature Drive

Awaken at daybreak to witness a spectacular Namibia sunrise and experience Goibib Mountain Lodge coming to life for another special day. An experienced and knowledgeable driver will take guests on a 2 to 3 hour game-watching adventure.

Sundowner Nature Drive

The sundowner nature drive begins in the late afternoon. Just in time to see the animals emerging from their afternoon siesta under shady trees. This 2 to 3 hour game-watching excursion is guided by an experienced and informative driver and allows for unhurried observation of wildlife. The drive includes guests experiencing a magnificent Namibian sunset. As night falls and guests return to the lodge for dinner, one may catch a glimpse of the nocturnal wildlife emerging.

Swimming and Sunbathing

These are all activities of great enjoyment at Goibib. The cool pool is in a private area where the African sun can be absorbed quietly. Our selection of local interest and other reading material will keep you busy and informed.


Southern Namibia is very dry with some extreme weather conditions. Goibib is also a livestock breeding farm specialising in Heat and Drought tolerant species of Cattle and Sheep. Our Beautiful Nguni Bulls and Cows as well as Persian and Afrikaner  Sheep add another dimension to the struggle for survival under tough farming conditions. Also to be seen are the composite Dorper sheep, now farmed widely in Africa and elsewhere which were specially bred to provide high quality lamb with amazing survival capabilities.

Wining and Dining

Goibib maintains a proud tradition of serving exceptional meals. Good, old fashioned farmhouse cooking at its best. Organic Lamb, superb Venison cuts and locally grown and sourced vegetables are prepared with pride and passion to ensure our guests eat well and eat enough. Seconds are almost obligatory. Our Dining room is a friendly family environment where new friends are met and great meals and conversations are shared.


The traditional African barbecue is enjoyed using local wood for superb flavour and texture. Meat is available for self-braai activities and the kitchen can prepare salads and side dishes on request.

Self-guided Hikes

Guests are welcome to explore the surrounds at Goibib Mountain Lodge at their own leisurely pace, enjoying the sun, blue skies and fresh air.

Bird watching

Goibib Mountain Lodge is home to numerous species of birds. The largest being the Ostrich. The Kori Bustard being the heaviest flying bird and the most enchanting is the Rosy-faced Lovebirds. Another familiar resident that can be found sharing enormous nests crafted by the Weavers is the Pygmy Falcon. Bird books are available to assist guests in the identification of regional bird species. Guests may bird-watch at their leisure.


Goibib Mountain Lodge is the perfect location for stargazing as the skies of Southern Namibia are unpolluted, clear and free of city lights.

Fish River Canyon

Only 135 km from Goibib, Hobas is the entrance to the view points on the rim of the Fish River Canyon. After checking your tyre pressure and stocking up at Grunau, the drive past the Small Karas Mountains into the really desolate Fish River Nature Park is an awesome experience with some really stunning views that would be expected rather on Mars or some far away World.

Ai-Ais Hot Springs

Ai-Ais, translated from the local Nama language, means “burning water”. Ai-Ais comprises of hot springs where the thermal water, rich in sulphates and fluorides, gushes from the earth. Guests are able to spend the day relaxing in pools or playing a game of tennis. At the end of the day, when feeling invigorated and rejuvenated, guests will return to Goibib Mountain Lodge to enjoy an outdoor barbecue in the boma or a delicious dinner.

Ai-Ais is closed during the summer months (between November and February) as the heat collects in the narrow gorge of the Fish River and temperatures can reach 45 degrees Celsius and higher.

Quiver Tree Forest

The Quiver Tree Forest is a main attraction in Southern Namibia. The forest is a stand comprising of roughly 250 Quiver Trees. Quiver Trees are members of the genus Aloe but acquired their name from their purpose. Historically, the San people hollowed out the branches of these trees for use as quivers for their arrows. These trees flower with large, bright yellow flowers during June and July and are particularly attractive during this time.

Giants Playground

In addition to the Quiver Tree Forest, guests will be able to view the Giants Playground. The Giants Playground is regarded as a sculpture garden where blocks of greyish-black dolerite are stacked on top of one another and gives the impression that giants have been playing with bricks.

Brukaros Volcanic Crater

The Brukaros Volcanic Crater is an ancient volcanic crater situated in the South of Namibia. Guests appreciate this special experience.


Each camp site has a braai area and electricity.