Goibib News

News between Keetmanshoop and Grunau - Goibib Mountain Lodge

Goibib News is a page on events that happen within Southern Namibia, between Grunau and Keetmanshoop on the B1 route but more specifically what events took place on Goibib Mountain Lodge.

Some events that you will see on this page are weather, animal activity, activities and how we do it as well as our guests. 

Globe Busters - Motor Bike Travelers


Globe Busters and their guests enjoyed two nights at our destination. They went for a 'day trip' to the Fish River Canyon and Ai Ais Hot Springs and returned at lunch time to enjoyed the rest of their stay talking, relaxing and swimming whilst sipping on refreshments.

Goibib and its team enjoyed sharing laughter and stories with the guests before they went for a good nights rest and a early breakfast before departing to their next destination.

Kudu Southern Namibia
Kudu family in Southern Namibia

This morning we travelled in our conservation camp and a young family of Kudus showed themselves. They acted very calm and seemed curious to the vehicle. The family consisted from a young bull (Left) and two young cows. A cow calf was also present but would unfortunately not join the family for the photos. They were standing approximately 50 metres away and gave us ample time to photograph and view them; they only jogged away once the car started to move on.


Promising sunrise

Mountain Lodge - Accommodation - Southern Namibia - Grunau - Keetmanshoop
Sunrise on Goibib Mountain Lodge - Accommodation - Southern Namibia - Grunau - Keetmanshoop

Promising rain clouds created a dramatic sunrise. The air was cool and the morning was filled with hope as the signs of possible rain were in the air. Waking up to a image like this makes one more positive for the rainfall season to come in Southern Namibia between Grunau and Keetmanshoop. The whole week mornings had the cent of rain and a few hopeful drops has wet the dust. Nature clearly seems hopeful as well, the Came thorn trees , which are common in the area, has turned from a pale coloured to green leaves and the insects are becoming more active. We greet the winter as the Spring energises nature with joy and hope.


It is the first rainfall for the season. The first few drops of rain has wet the dust. The air this morning smells of rain and the weather is delightful. Southern Namibia is not known for high rain fall and after a long dry winter this rain has kept the hopes up for the coming season. Goibib does not only run a lodge but farm with sheep and cattle in these harsh Southern Namibia conditions as well, all being drought resistant species; none the less rainfall is appreciated.

Southern Namibia Animals
This weekend our animals have shown themselves at the water holes. Top left is a family of Kudu, some still approaching while the beautiful cow is already lowering her head for water. Top right is a pair of Steenbok whom can be seen regularly grazing and posing for a photograph. At the bottom is one of many of the rarely seen Bat Eared Foxes. They are very shy, more nocturnally active and can get curious from time to time.

The Kudu

Due to practicing our personal conservation methods in Southern Namibia, the Kudu shows its presence regularly and using technology we can estimate accurately their time of arrival at the designated waterholes as well as counting them.

In this picture you can clearly see the kudu bull approaching the waterhole, always having its guard up. This magnificent creature can be defined as the pride of Southern Africa, always standing with its head and ears high as if posing for a photo. Kudus can be separated from each other by using its white stripes on the sides, as every Kudu has his/her own unique number of lines and upon closer study the patterns as well.