Game/Farm Drives

Goibib Mountain Lodge offers three different game/farm drives; Morning, After-noon and Night Drives. The drive offers scenic views and animals like Kudu, Springbok, Gemsbok and Ostrich can show themselves and offer great photography opportunities. Nocturnally active and very secretive animals such as the Jackal, Bat Eared Fox, Aardwolf and Aardvark are also present on the farm.

The highly informative and experienced guide will supply you with geologic,cultural, animal life and plant life information. He will welcome your questions.

Bicycle and Walking Trails

Guests have the option to use bicycles that we provide or go on foot, guided or self guided, on our marked route. The route considers all age groups and level of fitness. Guests have the option to use either the red or blue route for cycling or walking while experiencing nature at its best. Plant life, animal life and geologic views will be the concentration.


Join our experienced guide on our hiking trails as he can show you scenic views, up close plant life experience and animal tracking. Our local wildlife like Kudu, Sprinbok, Gemsbok and Ostrich can show themselves as well.

Star Gazing

Goibib Mountain Lodge is situated 1400 meters above sea level providing breath taking night sky.
Join our guide under the star filled night sky while you enjoy some interesting astronomy facts. Telescopes are available for those interested in viewing the further stars, milky way and planets.


Commonly known as stone plants, the rare Karasmontana lericheana,sub species of Karasmontana Lithops, endemic to the Karas Mountains, are found on several locations on the farm. Our experienced guide will spot and show the guests the plants and questions will be welcomed.