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Welcome to Goibib Mountain Lodge

Our warm hospitality and comfortable accommodation at Grunau Southern Namibia allow guests to enjoy a tranquil getaway in the heart of the Great Karas Mountains 48km from Grunau Southern Namibia. This serene landscape displays a splendid array of colors and textures, as well as the opportunity to view a variety of antelope species, other wildlife and traditional farm animals.

Goibib Mountain Lodge is ideally positioned as a base from which to explore the scenic beauty of Southern Namibia, including the Fish River Canyon, Quiver Tree Forest, Giants Playground, Brukaros Volcanic Crater and Ai-Ais Hot Springs.

Goibib is perfectly positioned as a central location from which to explore landscape whilst enjoying accommodation at Grunau Southern Namibia. We are positioned in the unique Karas Mountain biome and making use of game/farm drives offered exposes the visitor to the fauna and flora of this whilst enjoying accommodation at Grunau area.

We now also offer activities such as game drives at night, picnics in the hills and sundowners during the game drives between the mountains.

Climate: Our altitude at 1360metres above sea level assists us in being a relatively cool destination in Summer. The mercury rarely rises above 40 degrees Celcius. Clear Southern Namibia skies result in cool nights with really magnificent sunsets for excellent accommodation at Grunau Southern Namibia.  Winter mornings and nights in the Karas Mountain region are crisp and cool, rarely dipping below zero. Days are mild to warm with odd cold spells. Our humidity is almost always low. From 5 up to 25 truly magic days per year will bring us rain and a spirit of joy, happiness and contentment that can only be experienced in a parched land. This amazing sensation is shared by man and beast, bird and bush, creepy crawlies, burrowers and slitherers and even the rocks and the soil. The atmosphere is charged, the soil is aromatic, and the air is crystal clear.

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